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 To whom it may concern,

This place is GREAT. I took my RV there for a full paint job on a 16 year old coach. From the start, Greg & his crew were very helpful, thoughtful and professional. Greg, the owner, even educated me on the fact that a lower priced paint job would be the best over a more expensive paint job due to a lack of cost justification. (How often do you see a business do that?) As well, I could tell they took pride in their work. That's why I chose them to do the job and boy, was I right. The RV came out AWESOME and Greg did many extra's, graphics - awesome ones too, at no extra charge. I am totally thrilled with the new paint. I've had many compliments on how nice my RV looks. I highly recommend RV Clearcoat. You will not find a better shop, that's a promise.


Jon Harden

To whom it may concern,

 My name is Mark Baiss and I am the owner of BaissLine RV in Tampa Florida. Prior to opening my own RV dealership. I worked for Lazy Days RV super center in Tampa for 21 years as the pre-owned inventory manager. Part of my responsibilities were to get needed repairs preformed to the inventory so units were ready for retail sale. One of my main sublet repair centers was RV Clear Coat on St Road 92.


I have used RV Clear Coat for the past 15 years and recommend them highly. RV Clear Coat has always met my needs when it comes to being responsive to my calls, reliable and responsible in the care of my property, fair priced for the service they provide and always displayed a responsive and can do attitude in regards to any concerns I had about the work performed.  


Greg Pilcher is the owner of RV Clear Coat and is someone that can be trusted and relied upon. Greg is a person of integrity and always acts with honesty, concern and kindness towards his customers. With his years of experience he has the ability to repair units correctly and cost effectively.

Greg has assembled a crew well versed in both exterior and interior repairs. They have the skill required to repair units valued at $2000 up to $500,000 or more. RV Clear Coat has been approved by the major insurance companies for repair work needed by thier clients.


I highly recommend RV Clear Coat to anyone needing their services. My recommendation comes from years of interaction with RV Clear Coat and satisfaction with their work, pricing and response to my needs.

RV Clear Coat has performed work for me on literally thousands of coaches over the past 15 years all of which were done to my satisfaction.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions in this regard.

Mark J. Baiss



Dear Jake and Team:

We want to thank you and your team so much for the awesome service on our 2005 Haulmark Motorhome.  Our Motorhome has now been transformed into a brand new coach and looks better than when we originally bought it!


Your team has not only been extremely helpful to find the design we wanted – full body paint with clear coat and smooth finish; but also at an affordable price.  Obviously cost is a huge decision to be made when investing in repainting and maintenance on older motorhomes with declining values, however, your affordable pricing allowed us to get the results we wanted.  We searched the entire state of Florida and were so happy to find your company in Tampa.  Your service quality and cost far exceeded our expectations and ANY of your competitors.


Thank you so much – we can finally go RV’ing again and are sure will be the envy of other fellow RV’ers!  We recommend your team for any paint and body work!


Sincerely grateful,

Pat and Donna

Tampa Bay Area, FL



I recently had my coach's clear coat repaired at R.V. & Truck Clear Coating, Inc., in Tampa Florida. They performed a very satisfactory job in a reasonable time and at a cost much lower than competition.

The entire staff was very cooperative and personable, and the coach exterior was cleaned upon completion.
I would recommend their service for any coach body or paint work.
Russell Carls
Davenport, FL

"In earyl spring, it became apparent that my 1997 Fleetwood Tioga motor home was starting to feel the effects of travel and the Florida sun. I felt that a nice new paint job would be in order. Was I in for a surprise when I got prices. Heck, it would almost be cheaper to buy a new motor home.
I was steered to R.V. & Truck Clear Coating, Inc., looking at my coach RVTTC started to "pitch" the product and make all these, at the time, unbelievaable verbal pictures of what the coach would look like and how clean up after a trip or storage would be a breeze. I must be truthful and say they never said it would look like new, but did say it would be the best looking 1997 Tioga around.

Well, after listening to all the promises and taking them with a grain of salt, I felt this would be the way to spruce up my coach, and thought even if it was only half as good as they said, it would be an improvement. So, in early June, the job was completed, taking only about 2 weeks. Well, right off the bat I noted they did not tell me the truth about how the unit would look. They said it would not look new but good. Well, they were wrong! The rig looked new to me and was I surprised! I did not expect it to look that good.

It was a pleasure to find there were still people in the restoration field that told the truth and did not exaggerate about their product. I will recommend R.V. & Truck Clear Coating without reservation. They were honest and true workman and I count it a pleasure to have met RV and Truck Clearcoating and staff.

Everyone who has camped with me since then thought the unit had a new paint job and was amazed when I told them the paint and decals were the original and they only thing new was the clear coat that RV Clearcoat and staff applied. Again, thanks, RV and Truck Clearcoat, for being honest and true craftsmen.

Don Leadbeater
Clearwater, FL

We want to relay to you, (RVTCC) and your employees our complete pleasure we experienced during the four day refinishing of our 1999 Rexhall motor coach.
Going by your recommendation of doing only the front and back caps along with the bumpers and lower side panels, we saved money and our coach looks as good as a new one.

You and your help showed us in everyday the respect consumers need and want. The hospitality was of particular note. Expect our friends to look you up when their home on wheels needs a little "TLC".

In a few years when the sides need the same TLC, expect us back.

Alfred & Estelle Wheeler
Newport Center, VT

"I want to express our gratitutde for the wonderful treatment received by your personnel. You cannot imagine the "ooohs" and "aaahs" we have gotten as the result of your work. Each time I park behind it, it looks better. Some say "I would not believe it if I did not see it for myself." Those people had seen it prior to the upgrade. The "big boys" on the road say theirs does not look that good. We went to a rally at Brooksvlle in October and was parked beside a Land Yacht and he said his did not look that good."

- James Beck

"We had a full body paint job done on our new 2003 Holiday Rambler. We were very pleased with the service and were very well treated by RV Truck and Clearcoating and their staff"
- Mike and Claire Ranger, West Palm Beach, FL

"In February 2001, we were at the Brooksville F.M.C.A. Rally and were seriously thinking of trading our 1996 Holiday Rambler Endeavor for a new coach." Our coach ran perfectly and we were truly happy with it except the exterior finish was "lifeless." We were walking through the vendor building when we met Jake and Karen Pilcher, owners of R.V. & Truck Clear Coating. After talking with them, we decided to give it a try. In March of 2001, we had our coach paint touched up and clear coated. It has brought our coach appearance "back to life!" We are so proud of it now and delighted in all the compliments we receive on how great it looks. It is one of the best things we have done for our coach. We recommend R.V & Truck Clear Coating, Jake and Karen Pilcher, to everyone that wants to again be proud of the way their coach looks without having to spend hours of hard work waxing and polishing. It has been two years this March and all we do is wash the coach."
- Margorie Nelson, Zephyrhills, FL

"We had our coach paint touched up and clear coated in March 2001 by R. V. and Truck Clear Coating. Now, almost two years later, it looks as good as when it was first completed. We think having the clear coat was the best way to renew the exterior of an older coach.
- Oren "Ozzie" Nelson, Zephyrhills, FL

I have been remiss in thanking you for the OUTSTANDING job your company did on our 1993 Royals International Homestead 5th wheel. In 1993, this trailer was a special order 5th wheel from Carriage. This 5th wheel is one of 52 ever built. When we bought the trailer, it was obvious that it had not been well taken care of. Due to your excellent work in the detail painting and clear coating of our trailer, it now looks like new. Your work has added years to our trailer's life. Once again, thank you!!!!.
- Mark & Dalia Putnam, Orange City, FL

We recently brought you a 26 passenger bus to have you paint and with other graphics. When the bus arrived at your property, it was, to say the least, in rough shape. We left it with you hoping you could pull off a miracle. When we picked up the bus, we were overwhelmed. You really did pull off a miracle. The bus looked far better than we had ever imagined - it didn't even look like the same vehicle. Thank you so much. Not only was the work incredible, but you completed the job ahead of schedule for a price that was well under what you could have charged us. Again, thank you. The bus will be used to transport our college aged interns to church services and school assemblies. We will now arrive with pride and in style.
- Shawn & Sonny Hennessy

Nov 2003"In January of 2002, our motor home looked dull. We learned the bottom had no gloss because the color was molded in to the fiberglass. Many times, we tried to bring the gloss out with products that said it would renew the finish but nothing worked. We had several estimates that were very costly.
Then we met Jake from R.V. & Truck Clear Coat. He gave us an estimate that was lower than what the others had given us. We decided to have the work done by R.V. & Truck Clear Coat. When it was finished, it looked like a new motor home.

Now, a year later, we compare our motor home to ones exactly like it only newer and ours out shines even the new ones. We know it has increased the value of our motor home and also makes the upkeep so much easier to maintain.

Thanks, Jake and Karen of R. V. and Truck Clear Coat for the wonderful job done.

- Tom and Carolyn Curtis,
SOS Ministries USA
Brandon, FL

Many of you and I have spoke about my desire for a new Clear Coat and my search for the provider and some of you wanted to know how it came out. I AM VERY PLEASED. It looks great! I had the striping repainted, as well as front and rear end-caps as well as bumpers then a new clear coat all over. The cost was reasonable and one of the best I could find. I went to Jake's RV Clear Coat in Tampa , FL. It is at the same exit as Lazy Days, only south. They knew my schedule and kept to my appointment in order to complete my unit in time for my weekend plans for Sea World.

The clear coat shines like the sun, its so slick that dirt seems to fall off. But the best part is that black streaks seem to be impossible.

While in Orlando this weekend I stayed at Tropical Palms RV Resort. Very Nice! If your headed that way it is a great park in a great location.

M. Dean Nix